Connecticut Credential Verification

This verification allows you to check the status of credentials issued by Connecticut DMV, including: non-driver identification, learner permit, driver license, commercial driver license, or endorsements. If your driving record is listed under a case number(case numbers begin with '300')this verification cannot be used.

For your protection, no personal information will be disclosed – You must enter your credential number correctly.

If you sent DMV a payment or document, allow ten business days from the date it is received for it to be processed.

You must physically carry a current and valid driver license to operate a motor vehicle. If you switched to a non-driver identification card while your license was suspended, you must have your license reissued prior to driving.

If you received advance notice of a pending suspension, disqualification, downgrade, or revocation, recheck your credential status after the date given in the notice to determine if the suspension is in effect.

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